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What is your passion and what do you love about it?

I am a mind aflame with passion. The yoga practice is my way to seek harmony, balance, beauty and truth. For me, it is a path of learning how to acknowledge and connect to our true self, to the deepest core of our humanity.

How did you begin and what stands out in your journey?

I started practising yoga ten years ago, looking for a form of physical activity which would engage my whole body and mind. After trying different sports for a few years, I had a this-is-it-moment after my first yoga class. I found a practice which made my body balanced, strong and grounded, my mind focused but relaxed, my breath soft and deep. I was fortunate to meet on my journey inspiring, insightful, authentic teachers and fellow students. They encouraged me to pursue the journey, learn and share it with others. That is what I am trying to do – be a helper in finding your own self.

I was born and raised in Tirana (Albania), came to Warsaw to study economics, I graduated with a banking degree and worked in corporate banking for several years.

Although I found that experience very interesting and intellectually rewarding, I felt the need to give myself time to check other possibilities. At that point, I had been working in a corporate environment since I was a student and additionally was already enrolled in a very challenging 3-year-long yoga teaching course. So I took a year off, travelled to India and around, graduated as a yoga teacher and was trying to understand what I was looking for.

My teachers encouraged me to start sharing my yoga practice, and although reluctant at first, I did. I discovered that I was able to connect, teach and learn with students. When I moved to Zakopane, I founded and lead my own yoga studio, providing regular classes, workshops and special yoga-for-sports programmes.

In Wrocław I share my passion, knowledge and practice in Holmes Place. I am very thankful for each possibility of sharing my love for yoga, a real privilege and a joy for me.

What are your next goals?

Creativity is especially important to me. I am thrilled by the possibility of finding interesting opportunities, energising ideas and bring them to life through actions that inspire others too. Conveying passion with an attitude tangible to art, beauty and uniqueness – that’s what I am going for!


Author Rosela